The day to day during the Carnaval del Toro is intense, frenetic and full of joys. To be able to feel all these sensations, the debutant has to know where to be at every moment. In these lines we show you a 'basic' scheme so that you can enjoy the Carnival, a day or the whole -from Friday to Tuesday- to the fullest:


Friday Carnival: If you can be in Ciudad Rodrigo before 17:15h, you're in luck you can enjoy one of the highlights of the Carnival, the starting signal. The Campanazo starts with a starts with a massive gathering in the area of Los Pinos, and once there, you will arrive to the rhythm of the charanga to the Plaza Mayor, already converted into a bullfighting ring. During the tour you will receive the bell ringing handkerchief and so you can feel more integrated in the festival. more integrated into the party. The climax of this celebration comes an hour later, at 6:15 p.m., when the clanging of the Campana Gorda (Fat Bell) starts the festivities.

Shortly afterwards, at 7:00 p.m., the bullfighting section gets underway: the running of the bulls and the release of the bulls from the bull pen serve as a starting point for the horses to learn the route they will follow for the rest of the days. Once the bullfighting Once finished, it is time to regain strength, take a stroll through the tapas bars in the historic center or in the suburbs, while you make some time to witness the 'pregoncillo' held at 20:15 pm in the Plaza Mayor. Plaza Mayor.

The first big date with the king of Carnival, the bull, takes place in the night capea that begins at 00:15 h. During the previous hour the atmosphere in the square accompanied by charanga is spectacular. Ten minutes before the scheduled scheduled for the start of the festivities, the ringing of the Campana Gorda again forces the young men to hold on to the barriers, thus reserving their right to watch the festivities from that point for the rest of the Carnival days. And after this 'ritual', the first of the bulls of the Antruejo de Miróbriga. With the end of the capea we get fully into the first of the early hours of Carnival: from here, either you stay partying in the nightlife areas or you go to rest. or you go to rest.


The day starts with the "Toro del Antruejo". At 11:00 a.m. in the morning the bull - chosen by popular vote by the users of this page - is released from the corrals of San Pelayo, and once finished, in the same place, the children's running of the bulls with carts is released for the enjoyment of the little ones. Once finished, in the same place, the children's running of the bulls with carts is released for the enjoyment of the little ones, ideal if you come with children.

As usual, in Carnival we are enjoying but at the same time against the clock, once the celebration is over in which the little ones become the protagonists of the festivities, you have just enough time to choose a place and enjoy the first serious running of the bulls of Carnival. enjoy the first serious running of the bulls of the Carnival, this running of the bulls takes place at 1:00 pm. Once finished, begins the street costume parade, individual and group, will pass through the square. At the end of the parade, it is a good time to regain strength tapas or eating in one of the many and varied restaurants.

In the afternoon two options, at 16:00h you can go to see the bullfighting festival and its subsequent capea or if you want to change a little you can go to visit the fairs, stalls, peñas or be partying in the downtown area [the younger ones usually concentrate that afternoon in the municipal tent]. usually concentrate that afternoon in the municipal marquee] . Around 19:00h (approximately) the "desencierro" is unleashed and at its conclusion it is time to return to regain strength. At 23:00h more bullfighting, this time the contest of cuttings contest and its subsequent "capea" in the portable bullring located in the fields of the Muge. At the end, it's up to you: either party or rest, or a bit of everything.


The running of the bulls on horseback, the 'star' celebration of the Carnival. To fully enjoy the running of the bulls without danger, you can watch it anywhere from Agustín de Foxá Avenue onwards, if you like adventure, go up to the countryside area known as the Ermita. The running of the bulls is at 11:00h, but we recommend to be there before and soak up the carnival atmosphere. Once the running of the bulls is over, it's time to go up to the bullring to watch the morning capea or look for some partying or tapas in the surrounding area. Do not be careless, at the end of the capea is the desencierro, usually at 13:00 pm. With the bulls already in corrals, a good idea may be to go to the clubs in the Plazuela del Buen Alcalde, where you will find a festive and hospitable atmosphere. In the afternoon our recommendation is that you do the opposite of what you did on Saturday, play a little and enjoy the diversity of events that Carnival has to offer. Sunday night is free of bullfighting, so it's time to walk or rest, as you prefer.


If you have been encouraged to spend the five days of Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo you can say that you are the 'perfect' carnivaler. The first appointment of the day, as it could not be otherwise, is the urban running of the bulls at 11:00h. I recommend that you change places to see it or run it, each stretch is magical, do not waste time and discover your ideal place. The plasticity of the passage of the bulls through the historical enclosure or the excitement and strength of the race outside the walls. Then you know what you have to do: capea and desencierro, street party and freedom to choose what you want to enjoy. If you have not already done it, that afternoon can be good to take a walk and enjoy the funfair and street stalls. By the way, around 17:00 hours, if you have not been encouraged to enjoy the bullfight, you can go to the square to witness the always striking parade of floats and comedy groups. In the evening, second capea night, at 00:05 h. At the end party, but beware, Tuesday comes and the day begins two hours earlier.


Last day but with strength, we start with the Toro del Aguardiente. Its release takes place at 09:00 am. Its route is monumental: it runs from the square to the area of El Registro, located between the moat and the wall. If If you come a little before the bull opens the last day of the carnival, you can taste the traditional perrunillas washed down with brandy. At its conclusion, it is time to have a hot drink and then go back and watch the running of the bulls and watch the running of the bulls at 11:00 a.m., then capea and desencierro. In the afternoon, the second bullfighting festival becomes the 'star' celebration of the closing of the Carnival. And if you do not go to the festival, that afternoon can be a good opportunity to get to know Ciudad Rodrigo a little more. Without moving much you can see the castle, numerous monuments and palatial houses or look at the wall and witness the passage of the Águeda River through Miróbriga.